A Photographic Journey Through Island Biodiversity

“Hispaniola, A Photographic Journey Through Island Biodiversity”, (Harvard U Press 2007). Eladio Fernandez, E. O. Wilson, Philippe Bayard, Brian Farrell, Steve Latta, Chris Rimmer, Tim Baroni, Charles Woods, Jose A. Ottenwalder, Sharon Cantrell, Ricardo Garcia, Milciades Mejia, and Blair Hedges.

This book was commissioned by Grupo SID in commemoration of their 70th anniversary and subsequently published by Harvard University Press. There are a total of 394 pages of photographs out of which 56 include a foreword by E. O. Wilson, an introduction by Philippe Bayard, photography notes by the author, and a series of essays on each field of biology by the leading researchers on Hispaniolan biodiversity.

The book was formatted in a clockwise jouney through some of the last remaining wild places on the island and its fauna and flora. It took 2.5 years to complete and most of the material is from the last 4 years.

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Orchids of Dominican Republic and Haiti

“Orchids of Dominican Republic and Haiti”, (Curva Vertical 2007). Francisco Jimenez, Juan Llamacho, James Ackerman.

This publication is not meant to be a compendium of the 350+ species of orchids in Hispaniola, but instead, a first attempt to illustrate 100 species. Some of the plants depicted are very rare and endangered. Some were re-discovered after 37 years and others were photographed for the first time. During the completion of the book, the authors were able to collect for the herbarium at Jardin Botanico Nacional de Santo Domingo.

This is a local publication sponsored by the members of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic. The publisher is Curva Vertical, a company owned by the author and Claudia Catrain.


The Birds of the Dominican Republic and Haiti

“The Birds of the Dominican Republic and Haiti”, Princeton University Press 2006). Steve Latta, Chris Rimmer, Allan Keith, James Wiley, Herbert Raffaele, Kent McFarland and Eladio Fernandez.

This is the first complete field guide of the birds of Hispaniola. It includes distribution maps for every species, accounts, and 306 color illustrations for every bird reported on the island. This field guide was printed in French, English and Spanish. Grupo Leon Jimenes, a corporate sponsor in the Dominican Republic, funded the printing of the Spanish copies.

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